1. Sept. 1, 2007 I flew to Michigan’s upper peninsula for the first time.  During the week spent exploring the vast wilderness and quaint peaceful towns with my friend Laura, I fell in love.  Lake Michigan and Lake Superior were magnificent, each unique in it’s own way.  Sandy beaches and warm waters made Lake Michigan the perfect place to spend a day on the beach.  The rocky shores and cold waters of Superior were perfect for hiking and pebble hunting.  With hiking, waterfalls, wilderness, creeks, rivers, lighthouses and lakes, it was perfection.  In September of 2009 I moved to Gladstone, MI.  
    Life has a strange sense of humor sometimes, I suppose.  I got to spend one winter there.  Seven months in the UP and then life twisted me in a different direction and I returned the mountains of Virginia.  September is upon us now again and every year since 2007, especially during this month, I long, almost inconsolably, for the UP.  I long for Marquette, for Little Presque Isle, Grand Marais, Lake Michigan and Superior, even my little house in Gladstone.  I want to go pebble hunting with the wind in my hair.  I yearn for a weekend at camp and to visit Mackinaw Winery in Manistique.  I want to take a sauna and be warmed through to my very bones for hours after.  My mouth waters at the thought of Friday night fish fry.  I want to see the birch trees.  The leaves are just beginning to change there.  They won’t begin to change here for another few weeks.  I wish I could go back there this month, even if it was only for a few days.  My heart aches for it so much.
    P.S. I could really nom on a pasty from Gram’s right about now too…..mmmmm.

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      Say yeah to dah UP ehh?? :D
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      Holy Wah, Eh?
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      i miss spending full summers there. from just round lake to grand marais to wherever else we used to go, i loved it.
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      I feel the same way about the U.P., my former home. :(
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